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CatMap 2018



This is a Public Participatory Science Project, funded through Curious Minds.

This project follows on from the wonderful 'Taranaki Furbabies'. In 2018 we will see schools and community participants question how domestic cats are interacting with sensitive natural areas and investigate ways of altering cat behaviour to allow positive outcomes for pet cat welfare and endangered species conservation.

This project will build on the learnings from Taranaki Furbabies. See the video of that project here. Welbourn School will focus on the Key Native Ecosystems of the Te Henui. The community participants are resident at several other sites; on the border area of the Egmont National Park and several coastal areas which are breeding grounds for shore birds. The schools near the sensitive areas will be provided with visits to communicate the project aims, brainstorming session, and conveying results. The project will run for a year starting in May 2018.

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