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Jul 28, 2020

Citizen Science Hub, Taranaki

Citizen Science -  projects, outputs and useful resources

Citizen scientists are making great contributions to our knowledge of the natural and physical world. This site is a showcase for New Zealand projects that you may like to explore, use, or contribute.

Thanks to the TSB Community Trust for supporting this initiative

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The Citizen Science Hub for Taranaki is the place to find our local citizen science projects. It includes:

  • The very popular Phil Bendle Collection of natural history images (moved from our tired old TERRAIN site)
  • Citizen Science Projects running in Taranaki, with links to their reports and educational resources
  • A scientific resource centre with links to sources and government departments where you can find background information and technical tools.

This is a wiki, so please publish. Add a project - join and log in. There is a 'Training Centre' for users, with useful tips on how to edit an article.

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