Oct 13, 2019

CatMap 2019 update

CatMap has been great fun, and told us a lot about our pets. We have tracked them, made maps, discussed their habits and thought about how to keep them and birds safe. This project also considered the kind of surroundings the cats preferred, and if the weather made a difference to the distance they travelled.

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CatMap has had a busy year with 60 cats tracked. See the Curious Minds Story here

Some pets put up with wearing a tracker 3 times as owners experimented with cat wearing bells and glow-collar. Thanks cats!

Our results show that even when wearing a glow-collar or bell the 'track' the cats followed was not changed, but that there did seem to be fewer birds caught.

We would like more owners to pop a glow collar on their pet - and record how many mice and rats are caught. We do hope that the cats catch fewer birds but keep the rodents down. But we need data going into iNaturalist! All records are welcome here
We have put our resources online, so you can learn about GPS tracking and satellites.

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